Saturday, July 21, 2012

Para Para Paradise.

Alot has been happening in my life and i've been so busy managing everything. Spent the past week preparing for our fyp exhibition and when it finally ended on thursday, i was more than glad that it was over. All the hard work paid of when we saw the overwhelming response from people saying that it was interesting. 
Spent the rest of the night having a good night out. With everything crazy happening, i'm happy with right now and i'm letting things happen as it will. 

 Spent last sunday morning running the shape run with my bestfriend and my favourite aunt. Was such a fun experience that we ended up signing up for the upcoming Great Eastern Women's Run in November. I miss her and the other girls so much and i have so many stories to share and so many stories to listen to. We need to catch up soon! 
I've grown to love and enjoy every minute i spent with my favourite girls in school. Treasuring the last few weeks we have left together. They've been with me through thick and thin, and we've told each other almost everything. They're the best classmates and friends i've met over the past 3 years in school and i think our last days together would definately be a very emotional one. If it wasnt for them, i wouldnt have survived the past 3 years of my life in school. And not forgetting starting the start of year one with my mina besar from the north. We've known each other since the beginning and i've been stuck with her ever since. We see each other too much sometimes, but we cant help it. Baby cutesy and mina besar from the north FTW. :)

Like my class' fb page to see what our fyp exhibition was all about! 


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