Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Look!

It's the 31st of december already and i thought i'd do a quick new year's eve look for my last post of 2011. I was messing around with some eye shadows and came up with this look. Although im not going anywhere for new years eve, i still love this look!

I wish everyone a happy new year! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Random update!

I'm just chilling in my dining room with some fuzzy and cute socks on that i got from Daiso for $2 just now. Im currently snacking on some salt & vinegar chips and sipping some hot tea. It's quite late and im probably the only one left awake in this house, but i just felt like posting something.

The new year is coming and honestly, im not that crazily excited for 2012 to come. I have 3 weeks of school, 3 weeks of attatchment and 2 weeks of exams left of my second year in school. In April 2012, i start my last semester of school before rotting in the hospital for the last 6 months of school. Thats how i see my life right now. Laying everything down and sighing at how short of a time i have left of my youth and freedom before i need to think about what i want to do with the rest of my life. Stay in nursing and pursue a degree in it or do something completely different? I have no clue of what i want right now.

It feels like it was just yesterday that i was sitting in my classroom in secondary school learning about differentiation and integration in A-Math class, paying close attention to how the problems were solved and how formulas are applied by my favourite math teacher. That was over 2 years ago!

I stopped coming up with new year resolutions awhile ago, knowing that i can never achieve anything on the list. I just hope that 2012 is slightly different from 2011 cause 2011 wasnt much different then 2010, apart from being in a new school and adapting to poly life.

I'm pretty much rambling, so i shall pull myself together and make this short and sweet. I hope everyone will have an awesome new year and that everyone stay safe!

xo and well wishes.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Open Box: SIgma Brushes Via Black Friday

I recently purchased some sigma brushes during their black friday sale whereby they provide FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. If you love watching beauty videos on YT like me, you must have heard very fondly of them and heard many amazing things about them. Honestly, if it wasnt for the free shipping, i wouldnt neccessarily order them, just cause their shipping to singapore is quite expensive. So whenever black friday comes along, i get very excited and i order from them immediately. The first time i ordered anything from them was last year's black friday. This year was no different. The rest of this post will pretty much just be loads of pictures, so enjoy!

I purchased the black travel kit and received a free brush! But this set has since been discontinued and has been replaced with a better travel kit!
When you purchase above $30, you get a free E25 blending brush. Now i have 2!

check out their website here.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

IKEA trip and room decor ideas.

I went to IKEA early in the morning today and got some new stuff to revamp my room. My room is in need of more storage space and so my aunt and i decided its time to get new furniture and clean up the room.
We got this storage unit from the As-Is section of IKEA, where they sell products that are display pieces and partially damaged pieces. This section is a great place to get unused items for much less, even if there are a few bumps and scratches on it. Original price of this is $199 but we got it for $138, which is quite a deal!
I needed a new place for all my makeup and i wanted a vanity. But since my room is tiny and a proper vanity wont fit anywhere, i decided to get a 2in1 thing that i can store my makeup and other stuff in. I havent put it together yet, so i dont know if it'll fit or not. But i hope it does!
Well, i didnt exactly purchase this item, but i really want to. It retails for $39. Although its quite pricey, i really want it! :(

I'll do a before and after of my room in another post once my whole room is neat and in place. so watch out for that!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Haul: Smoochiezz Flea @NYP

So a few weeks ago, there was a smoochiezz flea held at the atrium of NYP. And since i AM studying there, i was rather really excited, and so was the many other girls who were there crowding their booth. I havent been to any of their fleas before and was overwhelmed by the amount of products they sold AND how cheap they were. They sold everything from ELF products to MAC, to Costal Scents brushes to nail polish brands like china glaze and OPI. I was pretty much stoked and ended up spending slightly under $40 in one day. check out their online store here.

I've been wanting to try out ELF's eyelid primer for awhile, so i took the opportunity to grab this while i was there for only $3!

I've never bought any MAC blushes before. So when i saw that they sold them there, i knew i had to get one. Originally if you get a MAC blush from the store, it retails for about $28. But i picked this baby up for only $20! Everything at their fleas are marked down from their online store as well.

There were TONS of nail polishes of all colours and types, from glitters to cracked nail polishes to their regular ones. I had a hard time deciding what to get cause there were so many, so i decided to grab the first few ones i picked up. I really wanted a grey/black polish so i ended up getting that. Regular China Glaze polishes were sold at $6 each while OPI were selling at $9 each. Massive savings then buying it from departmental stores for at least $16 each!

Lastly, i picked up another lip pencil from NYX. I have 2 red NYX lip pencils and i loved their formula so much that i knew i had to get another one. I was torn between getting a baby pick colour or a nude but i went for the nude cause i knew i would get more use out of it!
I suggest you get on their website, hunt down their next flea date and location, and grab some goodies! Or if you're pretty lazy and love the convience of online shopping, head down to their website and get clicking! They even do sprees!