Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mascara Crazy! Tips, and my hits and misses!

If you’re like me, a total-mascara junkie, than you know that having 1 mascara open at a time is ultimately impossible! My must-have beauty product of all time is mascara. I don’t NEED to use liner, or even foundation, but I NEED mascara. This post is all about my top mascaras picks, my not-so favorite mascaras and tips on getting the most of your mascara application.

First of all, you have to take note that what works for my lashes may not work for yours, depending on the nature of your eyelashes. I have medium length, medium curled lashes. I’m blessed with longer looking lashes compared to other people, but my lashes do have some flaws. First off, my right and left eyelashes don’t look the same. My right ones are longer closer to the eye and are a bit sparse in the middle. My left ones however, are longer towards the ends and are slightly fuller than my right ones. So finding a good mascara that works best with both eyes can be a challenge.

Tip 1: Identify the type of eyelashes you have
Are they long? Or Short?
Are they curled? Or Pointing straight down?
Are they full? Or sparse?

Tip 2: Use mascaras that matches your eyelashes type
If you have longer lashes, you can get away with wearing wetter mascara formulas. Because they’re long enough to sustain the weight of the wetter formula, without the lashes drooping too much.
However, if you have short and straight lashes, I suggest trying out drier formulas. It prevents them from drooping.

Tip 3: Always use an eyelash curler
No matter how much product you put on your lashes, if you don’t curl them, your lashes arent going to hold up. But instead they’d be pointing downwards. ☹
Finding the right eyelash curler for your eye shape can make it or brake it. I don’t have a particular way of finding the perfect shape of eyelash curler for my eyes cause normal curved ones work just as well. But if you have less curve eyes, you would want to look for flatter shaped eyelash curlers.

Tip 4: Waterproof or not?
Waterproof mascaras are also recommended for people with eyelashes that don’t hold curl very well. Waterproof mascara holds the curl in place and wont smudge or budge and will leave your lashes looking as great as when you first put them on!
If you have watery eyes, I suggest waterproof or smudge-proof all the way to prevent transference and raccoon eyes by the end of the day!
Personally, I don’t prefer waterproof mascaras cause they’re a pain in the butt to remove, even with eye makeup remover! And I’m too lazy to spend so much time removing my makeup at the end of a long day.

So enough rambling and let me introduce my favorites and some that just didnt work for me! (In no particular order…)

Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
Volume and abit of lengthening
Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express
Lengthening and a bit of volume. (One of my top picks for an overall amazing look!)
Bourjois 1001 lashes
Volume and very black. (Great for layering!)
Revlon Grow Luscious
Abit of lengthening and a bit of volume. (Didnt look that great on. Was just okay.)
Sephora Lash Plumper
Volume and length (Made my lashes look naturally full!)
Benefit BadGal Lash
Volume and length (One of my top picks that i've recently repurchased!)
Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Length and a bit of volume (great for layering!)
Estee Lauder Mascaras
Their mascara are generally amazing! Tried them as sample sizes, and they my my lashes look really nice!
Maybelline One by One Volume Express
A bit of length and a bit of volume. (Didnt do much to my lashes.)
Maybelline Magnum Volume Express
Volume and abit of length (Was alright. Nothing crazily impressive.)
Clinique High Impact
Length (Trying it out now, but other than length, nothing incredible yet.)
Avon SuperShock
Length? (Was very disappointing. Just coats my lashes but doesnt do much to them.)
Maybelline LashStiletto
Length (Gave length but thats about it. Tough to layer on and brush is abit pokey.)
Rimmel Sexy Curves
Length (Once again, this one just coats my lashes but doesnt do anything else. However, its better at layering. )

As you can see, i've tried alot of mascaras and i've had some hits and misses. I'm still on a hunt for better mascaras and i am determine to find one that would blow my mind! I've briefly listed how the mascaras works on my lashes and how i like them.

I am, in no means, trying to discourage you in trying out the mascaras but this is just my opinion and how they work on my lashes. Results may defer according to a person's lashes and preference.

I hope you like this post. I've worked on this for the past week and i think i like it. :)


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