Friday, January 20, 2012

Randomness: New header, fishtail braid, NOTD and stuff..

I just felt like writing stuff, so here it is. I made a new header. Yeah i know, it looks horrible, but i dont care. I like it (i think.)

I just finished my day in school of my second year in poly. Bittersweet, i guess. One more semester of school and then i'll be out for clinicals for another semester, then i'll be graduating with a diploma. Its way too fast, but i guess thats how it is. Although i really want to get school over and done with, i dont want to leave cause that means i need to start being a grown-up and get a job or something.

My good friend in school briefly taught me how to do the fishtail braid and i just tried it. I think for my first try, it looks pretty good. I still need more practice though.

I have this strong urge to cut my hair. Like not really short, but dramatically shorter than what im used to. I kinda want shoulder length wavy hair.
I like how it falls and shapes their faces. I kinda wanna end my last school year looking abit different. But i dont know if it'll look good on me. what do you think?

My nails of the day. Probably re-doing it again cause i feel for something brighter when i go off to batam for the weekend. This is China Glaze's Recycle.

And to end of, this is a random GIF that i made. Was very bored. Courtesy of


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