Thursday, July 21, 2011

Criminal Minds Challenge!

1. Favorite episode?
Nameless, Faceless- Hotch's wife died. :(
2. What season did you start watching?
Season 2
3. Favorite guest star?
Gavin Rossdale
4. Favorite female character?
5. Least favorite female character?
6. Favorite place the BAU has visited?
That mountain where the kids were kidnapped.
7. You’ve been kidnapped, and the BAU is doing victimology on you. What would they find in your room?
My laptop, and my lame-ass diaries.
8. Favorite Garcia/Morgan moment?
The one where garcia got shot and morgan stayed over at her house.
9. Favorite Unsub?
Not a fan of the unsubs.
10. Least favorite Unsub?
The Reaper
11. Favorite male character?
12. Least favorite male character?
13. Favorite couple?
JJ and her husband!
14. Favorite episode quote?
Cant think of any right now.
15. Jason Gideon or David Rossi?
16. Elle Greenaway or Emily Prentiss?
17. Least favorite episode?
When JJ left. :'(
18. Most interesting case?
The Reaper Case. Go Hotch!
19. Grossest/most disturbing case?
The Angel-Maker
20. Favorite Morgan episode?
The one where he went back to his hometown.
21. An episode that made you cry?
When hotch's wife died and when JJ left. :(
22. Favorite Prentiss episode?
The last few episodes of season 6.
23. Favorite personal interaction between characters?
Garcia and Morgan
24. Favorite character quote?
Cant think of any.
25. Favorite Reid episode?
When he investigated his past about his mom and dad.
26. Favorite Hotch episode?
When he kicked the reaper's ass!
27. What would you want to see in a Criminal Minds movie?
YES! But i want all the same characters and actors.
28. How would you end the show?
I wouldnt want the show to end.
29. Have you considered an FBI career because of this show?
YES. Countless times.
30. Something you learned from watching the show?
FBI terms- Unsubs, Victomology etc.

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