Friday, September 23, 2011

Leopard print and Boots.

Had an interesting day. Was suppose to be a mini photoshoot at a local park that we just found out about, but it turned out differently. Firstly, my dslr battery died on me 1/4 through the day. Then the weather was being all hot and humid. And being the "adventurous" me, i had to venture through the whole park, which happened to be bigger than expected. Faee and i trailed the whole park in about 1/2 an hour, or probably more, in the scorching sun. By the time we returned to the shelter at the enterance, we were all soaked in sweat! It was that humid and hot!
Wore my new Forever21 boots. It was definately a bad idea to run in them, but i did anyways because of faee and our paranoia that someone might be following us, cause now my feet hurts so bad.
Wasnt that much pictures taken after that. So that was my oh so weird evening.


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