Sunday, December 11, 2011

IKEA trip and room decor ideas.

I went to IKEA early in the morning today and got some new stuff to revamp my room. My room is in need of more storage space and so my aunt and i decided its time to get new furniture and clean up the room.
We got this storage unit from the As-Is section of IKEA, where they sell products that are display pieces and partially damaged pieces. This section is a great place to get unused items for much less, even if there are a few bumps and scratches on it. Original price of this is $199 but we got it for $138, which is quite a deal!
I needed a new place for all my makeup and i wanted a vanity. But since my room is tiny and a proper vanity wont fit anywhere, i decided to get a 2in1 thing that i can store my makeup and other stuff in. I havent put it together yet, so i dont know if it'll fit or not. But i hope it does!
Well, i didnt exactly purchase this item, but i really want to. It retails for $39. Although its quite pricey, i really want it! :(

I'll do a before and after of my room in another post once my whole room is neat and in place. so watch out for that!


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  1. Omg Ak I just went to IKEA too! HAHA I bought a $39 coat rack.