Saturday, December 10, 2011

Haul: Smoochiezz Flea @NYP

So a few weeks ago, there was a smoochiezz flea held at the atrium of NYP. And since i AM studying there, i was rather really excited, and so was the many other girls who were there crowding their booth. I havent been to any of their fleas before and was overwhelmed by the amount of products they sold AND how cheap they were. They sold everything from ELF products to MAC, to Costal Scents brushes to nail polish brands like china glaze and OPI. I was pretty much stoked and ended up spending slightly under $40 in one day. check out their online store here.

I've been wanting to try out ELF's eyelid primer for awhile, so i took the opportunity to grab this while i was there for only $3!

I've never bought any MAC blushes before. So when i saw that they sold them there, i knew i had to get one. Originally if you get a MAC blush from the store, it retails for about $28. But i picked this baby up for only $20! Everything at their fleas are marked down from their online store as well.

There were TONS of nail polishes of all colours and types, from glitters to cracked nail polishes to their regular ones. I had a hard time deciding what to get cause there were so many, so i decided to grab the first few ones i picked up. I really wanted a grey/black polish so i ended up getting that. Regular China Glaze polishes were sold at $6 each while OPI were selling at $9 each. Massive savings then buying it from departmental stores for at least $16 each!

Lastly, i picked up another lip pencil from NYX. I have 2 red NYX lip pencils and i loved their formula so much that i knew i had to get another one. I was torn between getting a baby pick colour or a nude but i went for the nude cause i knew i would get more use out of it!
I suggest you get on their website, hunt down their next flea date and location, and grab some goodies! Or if you're pretty lazy and love the convience of online shopping, head down to their website and get clicking! They even do sprees!


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