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15 Best-Ever Diet Tips!

15 Best-Ever Diet Tips

Based on an article from Women’s Weekly Health May 2011 issue.

Article was based on a book by Sally Symonds called 50 steps to lose 50kg

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1. Eat more, not less. Weight loss doesnt necessarily mean eating less, but it does mean eating better. Feeling hungry is one of the surest ways to make you give up on healthy eating.

2. Consider your carbs. Low-GI carbohydrates keep you fuller for longer. Serve yourself High-GI carbs (the ones that are high in sugar), and you are actually double dipping in terms of the negative effects. For a list of low-GI foods, click here.

3. Dont deprive your body of something it needs. All foods give us energy, but each individual food group also aids with specific functions in the body that are unique to that food group. If you severely restrict of completely eliminate, your consumption of any major groups, you will soon notice the results- and they wont just be at the waistline.

4. Don't skip meals. Especially breakfast. It slows your metabolism and makes you much more likely to overindulge at the next opportunity.

5. Water - just drink it. You can survive a couple of weeks without food, but only a couple of days without water. Increasing your water intake is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to assist your body to metabolise fat more efficiently, while simultaneously increasing your feeling of fullness.

6. Keep a food diary. For some people, the key to successful weight loss is 50 per cent diet and 50 per cent exercise For others, the ratio is much closer to 80:20. Many overweight people claim to "eat well" but are still overweight. Try keeping a food diary for awhile, you might be surprise how much extra calories you consume each day.

7. Little things mean alot. A five-minute walk, or one biscuit instead of three, does make a difference. You need to take lots of little steps, not one great big leap, to climb a mountain.

8. Monitor yourself in a way that suits your psychological makeup. Some people need to weigh themselves everyday to stay motivated. For others, this method can be extremely disheartening. Whether you use a measuring tape or an old pair of jeans, work out what works best for you and stick with it.

9. Fact versus Fiction. Food labels are what you think you're getting on a first date. Learning how to read nutrition panels takes time, but its useful. Forget the front of the packet- thats just marketing. Low-fat means its high in sugar. Nutrition panels are facts. Understand them.

10. Portion Control. When the choice is waste or waist, ask yourseld, "Am i a rubbish bin?" If you arent, then dont worry about not finishing everything on your plate.

11. Lose fats fast = get rich quick. There's a very good reason why some things sound too good to be true- they are. Beware of diets that promise you'll lose weight fast. The first thing you lose will be water, not fats.

12. Do not be a repeat offender. Around 95% of people who diet regain all their weight the have lost- and more- within two years. Most people then go back and try to lose weight again using the same method thinking that it'll work again. Clearly, it didnt!

13. Almost any plan will work- while you're on it. The key to successful and sustainable weight loss is not only an approach that teaches you about exercise and nutrition so that you can make informed choices, but also on that cultivates good mental habits too.

14. You are not the "biggest loser". Unless the only thing you have to do in your life is lose weight, you wont have time to exercise for 8 hours a day, and you wont be able to lose weight as quickly either.

15. Make healthy living a priority. A healthier, happier more energetic you not only improves the quality of your own life, but also enhances the positive impact you have onothers around you. Moreover, a healthier life usually means a longer life.

So that was it! 15 ways to help you get through dieting, the right way. This was an article that i came across in a magazine and i thought you'd like it and that you can benefit from it too. Leave me a comment below if you think this post was helpful and if you'd like more of these posts.

Stay healthy!


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