Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spotlight: Jason Reeves' New Album The Lovesick

In general, i really adore Jason Reeves' music. His song writing skills and melodic songs puts me in a state of trance everytime i listen to them. When i listen to his songs, i feel the words running down my spine. No one song is can be called my favourite cause each of his songs mean something different to me. If i could every write a song, it'd be what he'd already written.

His new album is as incredible as his previous ones, maybe even better. You have to listen to his songs to get what i mean. His words, so strong and it hits you hard in your face sometimes. If you know what i mean, some of his words can break you down. And thats what i love about his songs. He is definately in my top 5 favourite artists of all time. <3

Check out his myspace here, his facebook here and get his new album here and here.


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