Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to survive pulling an all-nighter to study for an exam?

I'm currently studying for my end of semester exams and i've been trying out ways to keep my focused and awake all night to study. Here are my top picks of things to have on hand when studying late night or just studying in general.

I always have a nice cup of hot tea on hand to keep me going. If you prefer coffee, have that too, which ever rocks your boat. Tea keeps me awake and prevents me from falling asleep!
Next thing will sound kinda strange but its having colourful markers on standby. I usually re-write my notes and i like looking at my notes with colours on them. It entertains my eyes and makes the notes seem less boring and kinda makes me more interested in reading them.
If you're studying from textbooks, definately have colourful post-its! If you don't like colour, skip the colours and stick with one. But use the post-its to jot down little notes and scribbles so that you don't dirty your books! I like things with colours, so i have post-its of various colours. :)

Lastly, if you study better with music, have good music! Try somethings soothing, rather than your heavy metal stuff, cause it'll only make you concentrate less on what you're studying and absorbing less information.

Most of what i've suggested works on me. Obviously, my method of studying may not work on you but what's important is finding something that does work for you.

If you're out there studying too, happy studying!

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